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Irresponsible Disinformation:

The Reality, Explained by an Expert:

Colin Bell.jfif

Colin Bell

Profession: Tour guide, writer for Conservation Action Trust

"The supply of legal horn will never be enough to satisfy demand for illegal horn."

Dawie Roodt.jfif

Dr. Dawie Roodt

Profession: Economist, CEO of the Efficient Group

"On a numerical basis, the legal & ethical supply exceeds 35 tons per year, whereas the illicit market has been sending only 5 tons per year into Asian markets.  So supply actually exceeds current utilisation by a factor of 7x.

More importantly, the question displays a lack of understanding of how supply, demand, and price interact to create a market.  Excess supply is not expected to 'meet' demand.  It is expected to satisfy all the high-priced demand, leaving only demand at the lower end of the cost curve, such that poaching syndicates can no longer compete against low-cost production of horn in protected environments."

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