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Saving Rhino

This Is The Most Easily Stopped Extinction In Human History.

Please read below to understand both the urgency of the situation, and the ease with which thoughtful steps taken immediately can end the slaughter and quickly return rhino populations to their best levels in 200 years

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The number of rhino in Kruger and other government-managed conservation areas has plummeted by 90% in the last 10 years, from 20,000 rhino to fewer than 2,000.


Within two years, there will be no rhino left .

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We must urgently move to support these private conservation efforts, many of which are struggling to fund ongoing operations out of their own depleted pockets.

We must implement the step that has been called for by South Africa's National Biodiversity Institute, and by the most important rhino conservationists of our lifetime: We must implement legal trade in ethically trimmed rhino horn.

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Over the same 10 years, private conservation programs across South Africa have protected the rhino in their care so successfully that they have grown the 3,000 rhino they had into 10,500 rhino today, roaming free and wild over millions of acres of natural African landscape.

Not only CAN we save the rhino.  We are already halfway there.

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