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Rhino Camp

Rhino camp has always been one of the most important passion projects initiated and run by our daughter Jasmine.  Click on the video to hear her explanation of this project.

Hear Jas Explain Rhino Camp

Created by Jas to share our work and dreams with youth in South Africa and abroad, Rhino Camp evolved to include schools, universities, an orphanage, and even corporate groups, allowing all to experience the excitement and understand the potential to save this incredible species.

Camp Activities

Depending on time of year, and where we are in the annual cycle of caring for the animals on our reserve, activities can include darting rhino from the air for treatment, vaccination darting from a vehicle, stalking and photographing for population tracking purposes, distribution of supplemental feed during periods of drought, anti-poaching patrols, gun safety and marksmanship, bushcraft, game drives, star gazing, helicopter tours, fireside cooking classes, and more.

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Rhino Camp operates throughout the year, to accommodate academic calendars in both South Africa and abroad.  If you, or your organization, are interested in attending, please register for this website and use the contact page to send Jas your enquiry.  We look forward to having you join our family.  Click the image above to get in touch.

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